Steel Door Lock Screen

Steel Door Lock Screen

Steel Door Lock Screen

Steel Door Lock Screen is secure and highly customized. Install it right now and make your lock screen beautiful and stylish.Lock screen has the combination instead of the pins and the pattern lock screen.With its unique idea it provides you the security of your mobile data from others.Its very easy to use and its very useful for those people who want beautiful looking lock screen.
Its a very unique idea and highly new graphics lock screen app.The app contain a 4 combination of pin code.First you will set the New pin and then you will confirm its can give 4 digit pin in it.
It looks like the case combination lock as you have in your suitcase.
you can enable and disable the combination lock as you want.

Steel Door Lock Screen has the following features:
1.Unique 4 digit combination lock.
2.steel door opening effect. and protection of your mobile.
5.Easy to use and free for all.
6.Covers all the android versions.
7.Highly simulate and smooth app

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