Salma (on line shopping app)


Salma – A consumer friendly Mobile App designed as a one click solution to make better choices of meats. Salma has revolutionized the way people buy & sell meat & the App helps finding quality meats for all users like customers, butchers and retailers.

Salma makes shopping meat & selling meat online easy at your finger- tips. Developed by an ace team of Mobile App enthusiasts, the App bridges the gap in the market between the Butcher shops, wholesalers and the consumers. You can buy fresh & frozen meat products online from Salma at the best meat prices. Save big on discounts!

You can browse through the variety of meats like Beef, Mutton, camel, chicken, fish or any other meats and order them through a few clicks. It is possible to order meat from your favourite Butcher today or for any future date. We offer payment through Credit / Debit Cards, Net Banking & also Pay on delivery.

Now it is easy to sell meat online! Salma makes it simple for you. If you are a Butcher and wish to sell meat then all you have to do is to register with Salma! We will help you to receive orders and deliver the meat products. You have the choice to purchase from a wholesaler or set your own menu in our App.

Retail consumers like Restaurants, Catering companies, Retail shops etc. can give bulk orders through the user – friendly interface of Salma which makes it possible to reach out to international sellers or wholesalers of meat. They can easily find out global sellers in the market who have registered with Salma, send an enquiry, request to know their services and select them as preferred wholesale vendors.

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